Is A Yard Sale An Alternative To A Car Title Loan?

When times are tough and you find yourself needing some extra cash- and fast- there are plenty of options out there but which one is best for you? Many people turn to quick cash alternatives like auto title loans and payday advances, but are they considering the cost that they may incur in an effort to secure the money they need in a hurry?

Short-term loans are great because they are fast, convenient and don’t require giving the lender a lot of personal information. In fact, most auto title loans and cash advance lenders don’t even run a borrower’s credit. But with convenience, simplicity, fast funding and the ability to get approved regardless of your credit history, these types of loan can be very costly.

Auto title loans offer up to $5000 depending on the value and amount of equity you have in your car but with some of the highest interest rates around, along with substantial loan fees. For example, a loan of $600 paid back in two weeks will cost about $122 in interest and fees. Change that to three months to pay back and it will end up costing $375 in interest and fees!

Looking for other options for quick cash can save you a great deal in the long run. Having a yard sale (some call it a garage sale) is a perfect way to raise the funds you need as well as getting rid of unwanted/unused items. Having a yard sale does require some work but in the end it can really pay off. Check out the following tips to organize your yard sale and be on your way to putting some extra cash in your pocket:

#1 “Fly” your yard sale- Create and distribute flyers at least two weeks before your sale. Pass them out to neighbors, friends and coworkers. Be sure to put the date, time and location as well as a list of things you will be selling. Describe any high-end or specialty items as well.

#2 Hold a pre-sale- Your flyers will serve as a pre-sale notice giving your neighbors and friends the opportunity to check and buy the good stuff early. This saves you time and effort on pricing and putting out items on the actual day of the sale.

#3 Make it neighborly- Community yard sales are the best! When your neighbors hold a sale as well, more traffic is generated which means the possibility of more sales for you. You may be able to share the cost of signage and advertising as well.

#4 “It’s a sign”- Making good signs for your sale is important. If you neighbors are involved they may already have some. If not, use signs that are of good quality, have bold print and can withstand the weather. It is also smart to have signs posted stating where shoppers should or shouldn’t park. Your neighbors will also appreciate early notification so they can be prepared for the extra traffic on your street.

#5 Reach out with advertising- Draw as many shoppers as possible by advertising on and offline. Craigslist, Penny-saver and your local newspapers are the best way to reach the masses. As with your fliers, list the date(s), times location and categories of items you are selling.

#6 Show you stuff! – Display your items in an organized fashion. If possible, put everything on table as opposed to the ground. Price everything ahead of time and group like items by category to make it easier for your shoppers. If you have a lot of small items, consider having an “everything is $1 table”. Also, play music in an effort to make the atmosphere more fun. Choose an upbeat playlist that will appeal to everyone.

#7 Change is good- Make sure you are prepared to give your buyers change by having change. Think about using a fanny pack to hold your money versus a money box. This will ensure your cash is safe.

#8 Make small talk- Get friendly with your customers. If you see a person showing interest in an item, tell them more about it. Offer up similar items as well. They may be looking for something in particular.

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